DSxD’s mission is to celebrate the fundamental creativity of data science. We support those who leverage creative mediums to convey the insights brought by data, and the practice of data science. We are establishing a community dedicated to developing a more open, ethical, and inclusive future for the field. Our first blog post explains a bit more about who we are.

So if you love data and identify as a student, an educator, a researcher, data scientist, a designer, an artist, an analyst, an engineer, or as something else entirely, this project is for you. Everyone is welcome!

Plans for 2021

Art by Data Analyst Ijeamaka Anyene (twitter @ijeamaka.anyene)

Everyone is immersed in data, whether they are the person developing a spreadsheet or the person interacting with a graphic generated from that spreadsheet. Consider the simple line charts and maps that have dominated our daily routines over the past year, from the heavy (progression of COVID-related metrics and election polls) to the light (setting a new personal best on our wearable fitness tracker). Each data point is a small piece in a complex story of our world.

Those of us on the data engineering or statistical analysis side of data may not see ourselves as storytellers, or feel equipped…

Data Science by Design

Celebrating creativity and community in data science

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